Viticultura tradicional
orgánica y sostenible

Organic and sustainable
traditional viticulture


Clarion Call

01. Our seal guarantees that you have before you an ARTISANAL AND LIVING WINE. Made with the minimum possible intervention with the aim of respecting  the place in which the grapes were born and which gave it life. /02. We firmly believe that wines must be faithful representatives of the LAND in which they are born. /03It is made with grapes cultivated in an ORGANIC, SUSTAINABLE & TRADITIONAL way. /04. During the cultivation of our grapes we NEVER use pesticides, weed-killers, systemic treatments or chemical fertilizers.We firmly believe that everything begins with the SOIL, for this reason we fight to keep it ALIVE. /05. Our wines are made from hand-harvested grapes. /06. Our wines are basically fermented grape juice with a minimal dose of sulphur. /07. Neither technology nor mechanization can ever substitute the PASSION of small artisanal grape growers. /08. Our wines are always VILLAGE WINES , understanding this concept as an exclusive geographic delimitation, given that we appreciate each village, with its history, its vineyards and its soils as a unique landscape which deserves to be valued. /09. We make our wines VINEYARD  by VINEYARD. We understand that the best way of knowing the biodiversity of our landscapes through our vineyards and their soils is by treating each parcel individually./10All of our wines are AGED. We understand the process as a form of guided ageing in which wood does not necessarily have to intervene. We use different materials such as concrete or terracotta and when we do use wood, we are always drawn to large volumes and used barrels. With the ageing process we are trying to highlight our work as farmers. /11. We never clarify nor stabilize and we normally never filter. Should we do so, it is always very light filtration. /12The true beauty of wines with soul is found in the sum of their imperfections. Light has always found a way in through the cracks…


What is truly difficult is to create a winery that is profitable and sustainable long term. The easy bit is pruning on a waning moon and  treading the grapes with your feet.

Germán R.Blanco

Bodegas /

Villa de Albares





Traditional , organic & sustainable viticulture in Villa de Albares, the Bierzo Alto (High Bierzo)

Recovering traditional and historic viticulture from the mountain in Villa de Albares, in Boeza Valley, in the High Bierzo. Kind wines with an exceptional beauty.



La Rioja.


Fresh, fluid & vertical wines from Low Rioja.

Ecologic wines inspired by classic ripe wines from Rioja.Aged wines with no wood. Happy wines.



Ribera del Duero

Artisan & village wines

Artisan wines made from our own vineyards located exclusively in La Aguilera village (Burgos), in the heart of Ribera del Duero. We look for fineness and elegancy from or high vineyards.