Viticultura tradicional
orgánica y sostenible

Organic and sustainable
traditional viticulture

Vinos /

Vino de Pueblo


Taditional,Organic & Sustainable Viticulture.

Winery: Casa Aurora 
Winemaking: Germán R. Blanco
Viticulture: Germán R. Blanco
Wine name: Clos Pepín
Vintage: 2020
Vintage classification: Excellent.
Bottling: November 2021
Vineyards: Mercenary vines. Grapes bought to wine
growers from the village, organically cultivated under
our supervision
Altitude: 810- 1010 msmn
Location: Villa de Albares
Region: High Bierzo
Sub-region: Boeza Valley
Soils: Iron-rich red clay
Grape varieties: Garnacha Tintorera, Garnacha,
Mencía, Palomino, Portuguesa (Trousseau)
Vineyard age: 78 years old
Pruning: Traditional bush vines
Irrigation: No
Suckering: No
Topping: No
Green harvesting: No
Harvesting: by hand (strict selection)
Harvest date: third week  September 2020
Grape selection: Yes, in the vineyard
Destalking: Yes
Crushing: No
Sulphur: Minimal dose at bottling
Tanks: Flextank eggs, open  PVC barrels & amphoras
Pre-fermentation maceration: No
Fermentation with indigenous yeast with
no other additives
Fermentation temperature: 21°C. +/-
Pumping over / punching down: regular
punching down
Malolactic fermentation: Yes, spontaneous
at the end of the summer, 100 % in 
barrels .
Ageing: Total of 13 months in different deposits,(French barrels of 400 l.,Boticcella  1100 l, Flextank egg 875L  & amphoras of 150 l., 200 l. & 500 l.)
Filtration: No
Clarifcation: No
Stabilization: No
Alcohol: 12.5% by vol.
Production:  2400 bottles off 0,75l


Regional Wine
Vino de Pueblo
Vino de Pueblo